For use in your own applications or databases, you may connect to AOV's suite of web services, which are data streams direct from AOV’s servers.  They can be opened in a variety of data management systems, GIS applications, and other software packages.  They allow users and organizations quick access to comprehensive, remotely updated information.

These web services are considered an important contribution to the interagency US AON initiative as well as the international Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON) program, with the goal of promoting data interoperability and information exchange through open services in web service formats such as Geoservices REST, OGC WMS/WFS, KMZ, TXT, and ISO 19115-1.

Observing Sites


This web service contains information on observing sites associated with long-term monitoring activities in the circumarctic.  The information is actively compiled to enhance strategic planning and assessment for multiple observing networks.  Data wrangling efforts have focused on sampling site information for projects funded by the US National Science Foundation's Arctic Observing Network (AON).  Additional long-term observing activities funded or coordinated by other US entities and international networks are now included.   Site records provide information on initiative, project name, funding agencies, discipline, contact information (name, email, phone, role), award number, program code, place, site name, site IDs, type of observing activity, location accuracy, start date, end date, scientific keywords plus links to archived information and project web links.  For more information, see the About and Interoperability pages.

ArcGIS Desktop

If you use ArcGIS Desktop, download this layer file: public_Arctic_Data_Collection_Sites.lyr. When added to ArcMap, it pulls from a feature service optimized for use in ArcMap documents that have the map projection set to North Pole Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area Alaska (EPSG 3572).

ArcGIS Online

View the ArcGIS Online page for this service to easily open it as a map, right in your browser. Or click on the URL under “Layers” to view an ArcGIS REST Services Directory page, which has links to a wide variety of web service formats available straight from our server.


This OGC-compliant Web Map Service (WMS) delivers tiled raster imagery. For ArcGIS Users, see links above for ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Online. For other users, copy and paste into your application: MapServer/WMSServer?request=GetCapabilities&service=WMS


This OGC-compliant Web Feature Service (WFS) delivers vector features. For ArcGIS Users, see links above for ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Online above. For other users, copy and paste into your application: MapServer/WFSServer?request=GetCapabilities&service=WFS


The entire database of Arctic Observing Sites can also be downloaded as a pipe-delimited text file, which will be periodically updated: Arctic_Data_Collection_Sites_180117.txt [57 MB].

Other Web Services

See the ARMAP Web Services page for access to feeds for project locations, location placenames, basemaps, country outlines, cities, and details on various circumpolar map projections.

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In Closing

AOV is committed to best practices for data sharing, and will continue to make data available in a variety of services and formats to address the needs of different user communities.