Would you like to showcase your sites?  Increase visibility for your organization?  Strategically assess your monitoring activities within the context of other observation networks in order to optimize resources and opportunities?

If so, please consider joining a network of agencies and organizations that are sharing information for both individual and collective benefit.

Add Your Sites to AOV

While pursuing interoperability through compatible metadata and web services, it can also be expedient to share information through “static” handovers.  To this end, you can enter site information in an online form.  Or you can upload a file.  See below.

Please note that “observing site” information is a new level of “granularity” for many organizations. Your project-level metadata can be utilized with a minimum set of additional fields relating to monitoring sites (a bare-bones approach being adopted by AOV, ADIwg, and others for ease of implementation).  And site-level metadata can often be harvested from dataset-level metadata.

After you contribute information, it will go through a period of QA/QC, harmonizing, and processing.  It will then be included in the viewer and web services.  Your organization will achieve visibility with due credit.

Use the Online Form

Click below to enter information for your observing sites, such as:

  • Project title, funding agency, award number, and contact information

  • Discipline, type of measurement, location, start and end dates

  • Links to more information, whether data are archived, and links to datasets and websites

Please enter one site at a time.

You will receive acknowledgement of your submission, and the AOV Team may get back to you with questions.

Use a Template Spreadsheet

To simplify submission of information for multiple sites, you can enter information in an Excel spreadsheet.

Please complete the spreadsheet, and email it to info@ArcticObservingViewer.org.

You may also submit your information in other file structures and formats.  These will be harmonized and reprocessed as resources permit.  Contributors are urged to use the template if possible.  And if you have metadata records conforming to ADIwg or other community standards, in FGDC or ISO, all the better!

Let us know ...

Early in the process, or at any time, please Contact Us.  The AOV team will be happy to work with you.